Number Theory Week 2017

Scientific committee

Jean-Marc Deshouillers

Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique

Władysław Narkiewicz

University of Wrocław

Andrzej Schinzel

Polish Academy of Sciences


Overall schedule

Plenary talks, given by the main speakers, will be about 50 minutes long (incl. 5 minutes for questions). We also welcome contributed talks of about 30 minutes (incl. 5 minutes for questions). These will be given in two parallel sessions.

The talks will start at 9:00 and continue (with a coffee break) until about 12:30. Then lunch will be served. The afternoon programme will be similar (from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.). Wednesday afternoon will be free --- we plan an excursion. On Thursday we will hold the conference dinner. Friday afternoon will again be free, so we will end the programme with lunch.

Contributed talks

If you would like to give a talk, please send us the title and abstract in TeX to In order to include your abstract in our booklet, we need to receive it by August 10, 2017.

We have no formal template. Please, write the title and abstract in TeX, without using special macros/packages unless absolutely necessary. If the title has changed from what you entered at registration, it is not necessary to re-enter it in the registration form.

Conference proceedings will be published in Banach Center Publications.